Actively Engaging Stakeholders in the Activities of WP1

Since the launch of the project the REFINE consortium started to work on WP1: Review of Existing MA Programmes and Guidelines for Reform. A goal was to analyze the state-of-the-art of the existing Master programmes in Finance and reveal the needs of stakeholders in terms of learning outcomes. To achieve this goal TUKE, the leader of WP1, has developed questionnaires for students, alumni, employers and academic staff to assess the most important skills and competencies required for Master graduates in Finance and the extent to which these skills and competencies are actually obtained. Besides, target group discussion questions were developed to be discussed with associated partners. All six HEIs from Armenia and Moldova were separately conducting the surveys with their stakeholders based on the methodology and requirements set by TUKE.

Stakeholder’s engagement was the key to the success of WP1 and the following meetings were held with them during the surveys:

    1. Workshop with NasdaqOMX organized by ASUE,
    2. Workshop with employers organized by AESM,
    3. Meeting with employers organized by KDU,
    4. Meeting with employers organized by MSU,
    5. Meeting with professors organized by MSU,
    6. Meeting with professors organized by KDU,
    7. Meeting with students organized by MSU,
    8. Meeting with alumni organized by ASUE.

The surveys were finalized in January and the partners are analyzing them and working on their Guidelines for Reforms of MA programmes. A workshop will be held in Kosice on the 13th and 14th of March, 2018 to finalize the Guidelines developed by each consortium member HEI from Armenia and Moldova – ASUE, RAU, GSU, AESM, MSU, KDU. It is notable that these Guidelines will define how each MA programme will be reformed and will be a solid background for WP2 (curriculum reform), WP3 (course development) and WP4 (teacher trainings).