Outputs and Results

During the project lifetime the following outputs and results are foreseen:

WP1: Review of MA Programmes and Guidelines for Reform

WP2: Curriculum Reform of MA Programmes

WP3: Development of Course Materials

WP4: Trainings for University Teachers

WP5: Implementation of the Reformed MA Programmes

    • Preparation for the launch of the reformed programmes
    • First year of the reformed MA programmes implemented
    • Set of career guidance events: “How to Build a Successful Career in the Armenian and Moldovan Financial Sector”

WP6: Quality Assurance

    • Quality Assurance Manual
    • Quality control reports of the Quality Assurance Group
    • Quality control reports of the International Advisory Board

WP7: Dissemination and Exploitation

WP8: Sustainability Promotion

WP9: Project Management and Coordination